Amazing facts about the gall bladder stone

Gall bladder is a small organ in the right side of the body, below the right rib cage. It performs a housekeeping function of storing the bile which is formed by the liver. Bile is a substance essential for digestion of food and is being continuously produced throughout the day. In between the meals, gall bladder stores the bile. After the meal, gall bladder contracts and release the bile in the intestine.

Bile also contains cholesterol, which can precipitate and form the stone inside the gall bladder. Gall bladder stone is the most common disease of the gall bladder. Women specially after the age of 40, and with extra weight are more prone to the gall bladder stones. Diet low in the fiber and high in calories is also found to be associated with gall bladder stone.

Stone in the gall bladder may remain silent for the whole life, a fact that may amaze many of us. At the same time, 1% of people with the stone, can have severe pain. Though the gall bladder is an organ on the right side, site of pain is in the centre about the belly button (Umbilicus). Some times, stone may slip down in the bile duct, causing severe complications of pain, jaundice and acute pancreatitis.

Diagnosis is simple, ultrasound is good enough, as the stone stop the ultrasound waves during examination and produce a shadow.

Treatment is laparoscopic key whole surgery. Medical therapy is not very effective, but can be tried in few selected patients.

Surgery is safe in the hands of experienced surgeons, with complication rate of less than 1%.

This video contains the information regarding gall bladder stone

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