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GIST and lymphoma

GIST (Gastrointestinal stromal tumor)
Stomach is the most common site for the GIST, other sites include small intestine, rectum, and esophagus
Clinical presentation

Following test are required for diagnosis and management  
Gastric Lymphoma
Gastric lymphoma constitute 3-5 % of all gastric tumors. Stomach is the most common extranodal site of lymphoma.

Marginal zone B cell lymphoma of stomach

Marginal zone B cell lymphoma, also known as MALT lymphoma is the most common lymphoma of stomach, chronic H pylori infection leading to chronic gastritis is the underlying cause.

Clinical features

Lesions are usually diagnosed by endoscopy, endoscopic findings are

Diffuse large B cell lymphoma
The role of H pylori in the pathogenesis is not very clear
Clinical symptoms



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