POEM for Achalasia Cardia: Achalasia cardia is a condition characterized by difficulty in swallowing and drinking. In patients with achalasia cardia, valve at lower end of esophagus (LES) fails to relax. POEM is new and effective treatment of achalasia cardia.

POEM procedure is least invasive and has minimal complications with maximal success rate.

Pre operative evaluation for POEM – In order to confirm the diagnosis and the disease progression rate, the following procedures are a must

  • Barium Swallow
  • Manometry

Some more points about POEM

  • Patients are admitted one day before the POEM procedure and are asked to stay on fast in order to clear the
    remnants of solid food from the esophagus.
  • Patients are administered with anesthesia and POEM is performed by a skilled endoscopist.
  • The whole procedure normally takes 1-2hours.
  • The very next day, the patient is given soft diet and is discharged after a detailed examination.
  • The antibiotics are discontinued after 7 days.