What Is Colonoscopy 
What Is Colonoscopy 

Exploring Colonoscopy with Dr. Vikas Singla

Why Colonoscopy? Indications and Importance

I am Dr. Vikas Singla. Today, I shall talk about Colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy is a test that is used to study the large intestine also called Colon.

Let us understand which patients should get the Colonoscopy Test done.

If any patient has a problem coming blood in the stool, so we conduct the Colonoscopy test to assess if the patient is having tumour of any injury in the intestine.

The Colonoscopy test can also be conducted on old-age persons suffering from a lack of iron or having anaemia. The tumours in the colon are common in old age due to lack of iron or anaemic condition.

If Occult blood is positive in the stool (occult blood is not visible through naked eyes & can only be checked through lab test), the Colonoscopy test is conducted on such patients.

If the patient is having Constipation or Diarrhoea and not getting well even with the help of medicines, in these situations also, the Colonoscopy Test is conducted.

Apart from the above, we suggest to get Colonoscopy screening for all having the age group 50 & above. The purpose is to diagnose the disease in the early stage & treat it so that the risk of Colon Cancer is minimized in future.

Another indication to get the colonoscopy test done is a pain in the stomach. Some patients have severe pain near the navel or lower part of the stomach & if the pain does not subside using medicines, the colonoscopy test is done on such patients.

Preparing for a Successful Colonoscopy

Let us understand how to prepare for the colonoscopy test.

One day before the colonoscopy test the diet is changed. Only a liquid diet is given in dinner & a solid diet should be avoided.

The patient is given laxative medicines so that the large intestine/colon is cleared before the test. After consuming the laxative, the stool comes out in liquid form, so the large intestine/colon gets cleared.

Normally the laxative medicine is started one day prior to the colonoscopy and is continued till the day of the colonoscopy.

The Procedure: What to Expect During Colonoscopy

The colonoscopy is done only after the stool of the patient is cleared.

if the patient is taking any essential medicine, these can be taken on colonoscopy test day also.

If the patient is taking blood thinners, it is normally stopped and substituted with other medicine.

Colonoscopy is done in the endoscopy room, the patient is made to lay down on the couch and given an injection to make him/her sleep and only after the patient sleeps, the colonoscopy test is done so that the patient does not get a stomach ache.

During the colonoscopy, we insert a camera fitted with a light. Through this camera and light one can easily study the rectum, the left part & the right part of the colon can be easily studied. Apart from it, we can also study the lower part of the small intestine also known as ilium.

If we get any Lesions in the colon, the biopsy can be carried out which is quite safe. If any polyp is found, that can also be removed.

Post-Colonoscopy Care: Recovery and Follow-Up

After the colonoscopy, the patient is shifted to the recovery room where the patient is observed for about 1-2 hours.

Once the patient is fully conscious and all vital organs of fine, the patient is discharged. We discuss the report with the family and the patient and explain the findings in detail with them.

If the biopsy is conducted, it normally takes 4-5 days to get its report which can be discussed in the OPD.

Normally, the colonoscopy is a painless test, but some patients may have gastric trouble or stomach pain after the test which normally gets cured in due course.

If the stomach pain is more, the patient is given pain killers.

The sedation given before colonoscopy can last a little longer also, so it is advised to the patient to not to drive, do not travel in the lift alone and take rest at home.

I hope the information provided would be useful to you.

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