Acute Pancreatitis : Alcohol and Gallstone are the key offenders

Pancreas is a gland located in the upper abdomen and is mainly involved in the digestion of food material and also helps to control the blood glucose levels. Acute pancreatitis, most commonly caused by gallbladder stone and alcohol needs specialized treatment. The common issues related to acute pancreatitis are discussed in detail.

What is Acute pancreatitis : Acute pancreatitis indicates sudden inflammation in the pancreas. The word ‘acute’ means sudden in onset, and ‘pancreatitis’ means inflammation in the pancreas. This differentiate it from other disease of pancreas ‘chronic pancreatitis’ most commonly caused by alcohol, and manifesting as either continuous pain abdomen or recurrent attacks of pain. The rapidity of onset of symptoms...

Amazing facts about the gall bladder stone

Gall bladder is a small organ in the right side of the body, below the right rib cage. It performs a housekeeping function of storing the bile which is formed by the liver. Bile is a substance essential for digestion of food and is being continuously produced throughout the day. In between the meals, gall bladder stores the bile. After the meal, gall bladder contracts and release the bile in the intestine.

Bile also contains cholesterol, which can precipitate and form the stone inside the gall bladder. Gall bladder stone is the most common disease of the ga...