- Symptoms, Treatment, and Diagnosis

What is IBD – Symptoms, Treatments, and Diagnosis

Today we’ll talk with our expert about IBD,

Can you please tell us about IBD,

Yes, IBD is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, It is a Bowel Disease. Two bowels are present in our body called Small Intestine and Large Intestine, Whatever we eat, digests in the small intestine, and the remaining food is stored in the large intestine as Waste. 

In the case of IBD patients, their Bowel gets Swollen, and due to this, it does not work properly.

Reasons for IBD:

In our body Immune System is present and its function is to fight the outer Bacteria and Viruses, such as COVID-19 is a Virus disease, and to stay protected from it our immune system should be Good. But whereas some Bacteria and Viruses are good for our health. 

In our Large Intestine, bacteria are present that help to digest the food, So it is not necessary for the immune system to fight them But in the IBD our immune system starts fighting with them, and due to this our Small Intestine and Large Intestine swelled/Inflamt, this condition is called Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

Types for IBD:

IBD is two types 

  1. Ulcerative Colitis Disease
  2. Crohn’s Disease

Ulcerative Colitis Disease: This disease mainly affects the Large Intestine, and in this disease, patients face Loose Motion 5-10 times a day sometimes there is Blood Flow in Loose Motion, and with this sometimes patients fells Fever as well. Apart from this sometimes patients have Pain in there Lower Part of the Stomach

Crohn’s Disease: This disease mainly affects the Small Intestine but in some patients, it affects the Large Intestine as well in this disease patients face pain near the Navel, and sometimes patients Vomit, Feverish, and Lose Motion as well. 

Diagnosis for IBD: 

To diagnose IBD we do these tests

  • Blood Test
  • Hemoglobin
  • Liver Test
  • Kidney

To diagnose Inflammation in Blood we do:

The best Test for diagnosing IBD is Colonoscopy

In this test, we drop an Endoscope in the patient’s Stomach and we study the Large Intestine from this. In the study, we find Ulcers and Swelling in the patients’ Lage intestines and we take Bipsy from these areas and send them for more study. Apart from this, we do CT-Scan and MIR which help to study Small Intestine.

And in a few patients, we do Capsule Endoscopy. In the Capsule Endoscopy patient swallow a capsule in which a camera is present and that camera sends data to the data reorder from that, we study Swelling in the Small Intestine. 

Treatments for IBD:  Treatment depends upon the Stage of Disease. 

The stage of Disease is determined after Tests. If Disease is Mild, or Moderate then the patient can be cured through Mouth Piles. But if the disease is Sevier then the patient has to be Hospitalise so that we can give them some important Injections. 

If patients have any compilation in IBD disease then they are suggested for the Operation.

In some patients, a delay of treatment leads to Cancer or a Blast of the Bowels, These two situations can be prevented by Operation or by Regular Checkups and proper Medications.

Difference Between IBD and IBS: These diseases are completely different from each other. 

IBS DIsease is an Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disease in this disease patients may have Pain in their Stomach, Lose Motion or Constipationbut after the Diagnose these patients can be cured through mouth piles and some other medicines and there is no chance of Cancer as well. 

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